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Political Campaigning Experience

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Hartlepool, 2015 General Election

- Reduced Labour majority to just 3,024, making it a target seat for the following two elections

- Secured 21% of the vote with 8,256 votes 

- Took part in public hustings, rallies, debates and interviews on TV & radio

- Gained public commitment from NHS CEO Simon Stevens re local hospitals

- Organised petition forcing council to debate removing town centre parking charges 

- Gained unprecedented public backing of local football club

- Met with key local stakeholders including businesses, charities, schools and residents' groups

- Campaigned in local 40/40 seat of Stockton South, winning a 5k+ majority

Other key roles & activities 

Conservative Council Candidate, Hull City Council Elections 2018

Vote Leave Campaign Coordinator, Ealing, 2016  

London Mayoral Election Campaign Coordinator, Earls Court (Kensington & Chelsea), 2012

Deputy Chair Political & Campaign Lead, Earls Court Ward (Kensington & Chelsea) 2010-2015

General Election Campaign Committee 2010, Reading West & Reading West 

- Elected two Conservative MPs for first time since 1992 (Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP & former MP Rob Wilson)

Conservative Council Candidate, Abbey Ward, Reading 2007

- Came within 90 votes of winning safe Labour urban seat

- Gained highest percentage of the vote achieved in the ward over twenty years and eighteen elections

- Increased the Conservative vote in the ward by 8% (compared to a Borough-wide increase of 3.4%); and secured a swing of 5.5% (compared to a Borough-wide swing of 2.3%).  

Campaign Manager, Hammersmith & Fulham Conservatives (Greg Hands MP) 2004-2005 

- Won the constituency from Labour with a swing of 7.3% (compared to a national swing of 3.2%) and increased vote share by 5.6% (compared to a national increase of 0.7%)

- Laid groundwork to win fifteen seats from Labour and take control of the council for the first time since 1971

Press & Communications Officer for Andrew Rosindell MP, Romford 2002-2003

Area Chairman, North & East Yorkshire Conservative Future,  2001-2002

Chairman, Lancaster University Conservative Future, 2000-2001

- Winner of Best Conservative Future branch 2001

- Campaigned for candidate Steve Barclay at 2001 General Election (now MP for NE Cambs, Chief Secretary to the Treasury & former Brexit Secretary)  

What those who have campaigned with me say...

"Richard played an active role in my General Election Campaign in Lancaster in 2001 whilst he was still a student, and has continued to be a committed and hard working supporter of our Party. He will make an excellent choice for a constituency looking for a strong, experienced campaigner with true Conservative instincts."

- Stephen Barclay MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, former Brexit Secretary & Member of Parliament for North East Cambridgeshire 


"Richard is a hard working, committed and intelligent individual with good political instincts and an ability to engage with people from all backgrounds. He would make a fantastic candidate."

- John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury & Member of Parliament for Salisbury

“Richard is a smashing guy who I have known for a number of years, I know that he understands the challenges faced in the type of seats that the Conservatives need to form a majority. I have no doubt that he would make an excellent MP.”

- Marcus Jones MP, Government Whip & Member of Parliament for Nuneaton


"Richard is a sharp-minded, committed, passionate and energetic campaigner who would make a superb candidate."

- Chris Heaton-Harris MP, Transport Minister & Member of Parliament for Daventry

"Richard is an exceptionally hardworking and determined Conservative.  Exactly the sort of candidate we need to take the fight to our opponents and make a real difference to our electoral chances."

- Justin Tomlinson MP, DWP Minister & Member of Parliament for Swindon North


"Richard is a highly personable individual, who interacts in an engaging manner and seems at ease no matter what the audience. He is highly organised, determined and able to motivate others, which is essential for election candidates and future MPs."

- Caroline Dinenage MP, DCMS Minister & Member of Parliament for Gosport 

“I have known and campaigned alongside Richard for nearly two decades, and in particular during the vital campaign in the marginal seat of Hammersmith & Fulham in the 2005 General Election.  He has always been totally dedicated, hardworking and determined to win, with creative outside-the-box thinking.  He’d make an excellent candidate and Member of Parliament."

- Greg Smith MP, Member of Parliament for Buckingham & former Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Conservative Group 

"Richard has an impressively strong character and an exceptionally high level of moral integrity. He is intelligent, decisive and extremely capable, a naturally talented communicator with superb interpersonal skills and good leadership qualities. Having played a central role in the election of Greg Hands MP in 2005 he clearly has a good understanding of electoral processes and how to achieve excellent results at the ballot box. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard as an ideal prospective Parliamentary Candidate."

- Andrew Rosindell MP, Foreign Affairs Committee Member & Member of Parliament for Romford 


"Richard is exactly the sort of person you would want as your local MP. He is able to connect with people of all backgrounds, as he has shown through many years of campaigning across the country, both in party politics and voluntary work; he is an intelligent politician with strong Conservative principles; he would make a great champion for his constituency, and a committed and effective local MP."

- Mark Pawsey MP, BEIS Select Committee Member & Member of Parliament for Rugby

"Richard and I have campaigned side-by-side since being at university together in 1998 - across six different General Elections and multiple other campaigns. He's naturally personable so wins the hearts and minds of both voters and volunteers. This is combined with a forensic attention to detail and an innate feel for 'what works' when it comes to campaigning. He played a big part in my own election to Parliament and I look forward to returning the favour."

- Paul Bristow MP, Member of Parliament for Peterborough 


"Richard is great campaigner, a real Conservative that has supported the Party through ups and downs. I have campaigned alongside Richard at all levels of elections and he was invaluable in my campaign to win Stevenage."

- Stephen McPartland MP, Member of Parliament for Stevenage


“I have known Richard for many years and he is an ideal candidate for the forthcoming election. Richard is hard working, a keen campaigner and knowledgeable about the issues affecting the country.”

- Bob Blackman MP, DCLG Committee Member & Member of Parliament for Harrow East


"Richard is one of the good guys. I've campaigned with him and he has a manner that helps him get on well with everyone. His down-to-earth and frank style works well on the doorstep and sets him apart from many others."

- Simon Kirby, former Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown


“Richard was a key member of our team during our campaign to take back the parliamentary seat in Hammersmith & Fulham.  His hard work, dedication and practical suggestions were invaluable and without him we may not have pulled off such a great result!"

- Sean Donovan Smith, Former Chairman of Hammersmith & Fulham Conservative Association


"Richard is a hard working and engaged local activist with excellent organisational skills and dedication to achieving victory for the Conservative Party. I am sure his experience and campaigning skills will stand him in very good stead as a parliamentary candidate."

- Dr Charles Tannock, former Member of the European Parliament for London


"I have known Richard for many years and campaigned alongside him in Reading, where he stood as a council candidate in a very tricky urban Labour ward. Clearly experienced in political campaigning, he took the initiative and led a determined fight, targeting key local issues, and produced a huge increase in the Conservative vote."

- Andrew Cumpsty, Chairman of The Enterprise Forum & former Chairman of Reading East Conservative Association

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